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Common Issues in Android Lollipop and Their Solutions

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Android Lollipop problems with their solutions
Although Android Marshmallow is out for some devices, many of the devices are still using Lollipop and are still receiving updates to the OS. Lollipop has been a spectacular operating system for Android with such amazing features, but there is no such thing as perfect, and Lollipop is no exception. There are many Android Lollipop issues and we're going to list here some common Android Lollipop issues and their possible fix.

Common Issues in Android Lollipop and Their Solutions

Crashing Apps:
The Lollipop update somehow introduced memory leaks that caused way too many problems all over. This Android Lollipop issue caused the apps to crash and have lag in the UI and even caused the UI to force stop without any kind of warning.

On high-end devices, this leak isn't much noticeable, but for the older devices, this can cause a lot of problems.

Rebooting the device will only fix this temporarily and after a few days, the lag will return.

Clearing the Google play's data will somehow solve the issue, but to permanently solve the issue you'll have to wait for Google to release an official update.

Slow Charge:
If your device happens to charge a little slower than before, then you're not actually alone in this matter. A lot of users are having this Android Lollipop issue and do note that charging from a PC will always be slow. Some potential solutions to this are.

• If you're using a third-party charger, then that might be the reason of slow charging. 
• The cable might be causing a problem, try charging it with another trusted cable. 
• Clear your device's cache partition.

Rapid battery drain:
A lot of users are complaining about this Android Lollipop issue that their mobile's battery drains a lot faster than it used to or decreases really fast. This was a major issue in the first Lollipop update was later fixed with an update and should probably have a much better battery life than before. If you're still facing the problem, try these.

• Update all your apps so they are compatible with the new OS and also clear their cache. 
• Factory reset your device.

No audio on call:
Quite a few people have actually faced this Android Lollipop issue where they can't seem to hear the caller and vice versa. This makes the user impossible to receive calls. The potential solutions to this are.

• Restarting your phone seems to solve the problem. 
• Try using your headsets or a Bluetooth headset and then switch back to the audio of your device.

Camera is not working:
Not a lot of people have been facing this Android Lollipop issue but for those who have, this issue has frustrated them a lot. Some people have also been complaining about the camera buttons disappearing so even you cannot switch to the front camera. Some solutions to fix this issue are.

• Restart your mobile and then open the app. 
• Force stop the camera app from settings and clear its cache and data and then restart your device 
• Wipe the Cache of your device. 
• Factory reset your device.

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